Friday, March 15, 2013



           Friday Friday Friday........oh how I love the sound of that:


I love winding up the work week, not because I despise my job - but simply because now it's time to stop.

This week's work is done. Over. Time to re-group and prepare to return on Monday with a renewed heart, clean slate, and a fresh outlook.

It's amazing how difficult tasks seem so much easier after a short break over the weekend.  Troubling situations often are solved without even needing my intervention.

There's a lesson in that.  God designed us to work.....and to rest. We weren't created to live on No-Doz and  Energy Drinks.  When it's time to work, WORK, and work hard.

When it's time to stop and rest, STOP and REST.



  1. I feel exactly the same way. Rest is just as important as work and Friday is the time to begin working hard at resting for a couple days!

  2. I need to remember to rest and walk away from school. My husband and I are very active in our church so Sunday is rarely a work day, but a different story. I need to work on that.
    Enjoy your rest!

  3. I love your pictures! i have to agree, Friday's are my favorite day of the well as well.

  4. Thinking about what I posted. Here is Wednesday...but it's almost Friday again!