Saturday, March 9, 2013


Last night the hubs & I travelled to his mom's hometown with a hot-cooked meal in the back seat of the car.

My mom-in-law recently had rotator cuff surgery. She's recovering nicely and says her drs are pleased that she's doing as well as she is! Her birthday cake next month will hold 80 candles and she's quite independent. Widowed 30 years ago, she lives alone. So she's an almost 80 year old living alone with the use of just one arm for several more weeks!

It was my idea to bring supper & visit with her. My husband was quite happy to call her and set it up. She was looking forward to it. A good plan. Helpful. Caring. Nutritious. Dare I say : noble???

The idea lost its charm (for me) sometime Friday morning. I was ridiculously tired. The week had been a hard one, being sick, having a few unexpected expenses (good-bye grocery $) and on top of it all it all the events of the day had become emotionally draining. I really just wanted to go home & flop on the couch. Really.

After work I stopped at the store & picked up some items for the meal. At home I began the slicing/dicing/frying/baking process . The hubs did his part to help by sitting at the kitchen counter, idly watching me. (Ggrrr!) Just how DO the helpless survive in this world, I wondered?? Oh that's right - he has ME to take care of him ....lucky guy.....

Zoom ahead to the meals-on-wheels delivery: she really was happy to see us, praised the taste of it all as we shared supper at her table - and even helped helped dry the dishes I cleaned up afterwards with her - pitifully using her one hand & a dish towel while the hubs leaned against her frig, watching us work.

Moral of this story: helping someone out can still be done even when you think you're much too tired, don't really want to, and even if you're mentally rehearsing a smack-done of the hubs in the process

Or better put: women dont have to be perfect to still be a blessing to those in need of a little help!


  1. You mom is fortunate you are close enough to bring her a meal. I'm thinking while your husband isn't a cook he must have many other redeeming qualities.

  2. Lori - You are so right! The hubs has many, many talents....not the least of which is putting up with me these many years!