Sunday, March 3, 2013

Water water....and more water!

This week has been one of self-reflection. I've joined a challenging group of women at church who want to become honed & toned warriors for God. Fighters!! Each week our coach gives us challenges to tackle during the week.

I'm realizing that I've spent a lot of time through the years since becoming a Christian fighting MYSELF instead of fighting evil.... Isn't it about time I grow up in The Lord and rule over my immature attitudes and habits??

This week one of the challenges was to limit our beverages to just water. Yes you read that correctly. Water. I love water BUT drink it in addition to my morning coffee and/tea.... It's amazing how one simple tweak to my daily ritual can make me stand up notice that I'm a creature of habit ...and I want to walk in the Spirit, to walk by faith, not by habit!


  1. I recently gave up Diet Coke for a season. I didn't realize how much I was drinking until I gave it up. Funny, my husband has not yet noticed.
    We recently joined a Bible Study that asks us to memorize is my memory bad!

  2. I think there is power in working as a group to become a warrior for God. I appreciate your thoughts about fighting evil instead of ourselves.